The black and blue after party


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June 24, 2017

928 S Main Street, Salt Lake City UT

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The black and blue after party

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Slip into The Nitro World Games After Dark

Last Saturday, Black Feather Whiskey threw the Nitro World Games an after party, and by most accounts—and judging from all the torn bits of clothing left in the aftermath—it was epic. They held the party in a soon-to-be-occupied warehouse in downtown Salt Lake City. While out back, an overflow crowd tucked into more than a thousand street tacos from an idling food truck, a giant reception room inside pulsed with pink and blue light, thumping DJ music, and plenty of Black Feather cocktails.

It was easy to pick out the athletes on the dance floor. Most of them wore t-shirts with their sleeves torn off. Others moshed under a shower of drink cups or wrestled. At one point, best skate-trick winner, Elliot Sloane, commandeered the DJ booth for an extended set. DJ Chunga was cool, but the team had to perform a hot-swap to get him back into the mix.

Next door to the main room was the Black Feather lounge. Party-goers entered via the secret passage with a hidden entrance behind a floor-to-ceiling painting. Once inside, the Lounge had an entirely different, non-wrestling vibe: people congregated around bar tables and relaxed on leather and velvet couches in dimly lit lounge areas, swigging cocktails.

And at the heart of it all, Travis and Lyn-z celebrated with friends and family by the antique American flag proudly hanging in the Black Feather space. Here, FMX winner Levi Sherwood plugged into the sound system to offer up his own musical mix. And even though the lounge wasn’t as rip-roarious as next door, it still echoed with laughter and back-slapping recaps of the day’s competition.

To share the energy of the experience, we created a website dedicated to the party with photos and videos captured throughout the night. Sign up or follow us on social for more updates and content to follow.

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